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names and pronunciation

I am sorry but some names and pronunciation is different to what I was raised with. I wanted to brush up on my Gaelic, not learn a new language. At 75 I am too old for that. Comments please.

The program is great to learn with. I speak three other languages, and never had such a good teaching method.

December 10, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Could you give us some examples of how the names and pronunciation are different to what you were raised with?


    Is this maybe due to dialect, a Chaluim? Where is your Gaelic from?

    All the voices are native speakers (as far as I can tell), and they sound fairly representative of the Gaelic speakers I come across day to day.


    What dialect were you raised with? As someone who was exposed almost exclusively to Lewis Gaelic, virtually all of the accents in the course sound quite alien to me!

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