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  5. Còrr is 70,000 ag ionnsachadh…


Còrr is 70,000 ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig air Duolingo


Over 70,000 Learnng Gaelic!

Tha seo gu math misneachail :)

December 10, 2019



Our evil plan to make Gaelic the international language of diplomacy and commerce is working!


Tha sin mìorbhuileach!


But how many of these so called learners will go ahead and really learn till intermediate or advanced level of Scottish Gaelic from other sources?

Secondly, how many of them will be able to actually put what is being learnt into use ?

In Duolingo there are many "trialist users":- those who just give try to few basic skills and then drop out or keep themselves inactive


Judging from other languages on Duolingo, I'd say a very small proportion of them, but at least those who want to learn Gaelic now have a really excellent tool at their disposal.

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