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  5. "Bràthair neònach."

"Bràthair neònach."

Translation:A strange brother.

December 10, 2019



I write the sounds, brathair to me sounds like bra head, lol


Unrecognisable pronunciation still. I know the wrong answer is what you want mmmmmmmh


Hi just had a listen to this and this is exactly how this word is pronounced. Is the difficulty that Gaelic has a different spelling system? If looked at through English phonetics it would be unrecognisable.


I'm not sure what the issue is with pronunciation. Is there anything I can help you with?


I has come to the point that if I have difficulty with pronunciation it will invariably be brathair. Yet I have no problem with the many other occasions when variations of the same word are used.Perhaps it is a different instructor but it sounds technical to me, an utter distortion.


I think it's technical. I made it 'do mhàthair neònach'!! Your strange mother!!

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