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  5. "It is too cold."

"It is too cold."

Translation:Tha i ro fhuar.

December 10, 2019



Has it changed? As of 21 December 2019, it's "It is too cold" - "Bha i ro fhuar". Or is that wrong?

  • Edit: I see what the problem is now. Made a post about it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35668781

  • Edit 2: As of 23 December 2019, it's been corrected to "Tha i ro fhuar = It is too cold" which is the correct tense! Thank you contributors! :-)


Sorry, just seen Jim's report. Agree.


Would the same lenition apply to "Tha i ro theth"? I live in Southern California. Much more useful phrase.


Yes. The lenition is caused by ro if it is possible to lenite.

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