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"qoqwIj vIlo'laHbe'. 'oH tI'lI' tI'wI'."

Translation:I cannot use my robot. The repairman is repairing it.

December 10, 2019



'oH in this case has 3 hover tips, none of which are correct for this case.

it is (for verb form)

is (for verb form)

it [is] (for subject? This tip is a little weird, and doesn't cover cases like legh 'oH'?)

In this case, it's an object, so what we want is just a plain it (and we can eschew the final tip?)


There are many hints on the word from all of the different ways it is used throughout the course. The mysteries of how the software picks which 3 are shown is inscrutable. I have no idea why it didn't show just plain simple "it".


But surely by the time you reach the imperfective verb suffixes in this course, you are not needing hover hints for pronouns?


I don't know why I did the hover, perhaps I was testing the hover hints to find bugs, or to see how it translated it in the optional direct object case?

Having said that though, I probably don't know the pronouns as well as I'd like. The course doesn't use too many of them, and while I'm pretty sure I would have been able to state affirmatively that it was a third person singular pronoun, I don't think I have ghah vs 'oH fully memorized. I'm still level one on almost all of the skills.

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