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Testing out problems

Hi, my French tree doesn't give me the option to test out and my. Spanish tree give me only one testing out option, whereas the Italian tree gives me several options.

Any ideas? Thanks.

July 1, 2014



I have three testing out points on my italian, Spanish and French trees. Not sure why you have different options? What do you get on your French and Spanish trees?


Testing out individual new lessons should always be available, but I think you are talking about shortcuts. For shortcuts you only have a limited amount of attempts before the shortcut becomes unavailable. I'm not sure how many attempts are allowed, but I think it's something like 4 or 5.

In addition, I also noticed an annoying bug : attempts in one course, for example English>French can have an impact on the shortcuts for another course for the same target language, for example Spanish>French. I tried reporting this problem, but I never got any reaction.

PS : you can also choose to reset a language, that will make all shortcuts available again, but it will also completely erase all your trees for that target language and you will lose all xp points earned (so you will be back at level 1). I tried that once because I wanted to reset my Spanish>French tree, but I ended up losing my completed English>French tree as well :-(

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