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"Are you putting the jacket on?"

Translation:A bheil thu a' cur na seacaide ort?

December 10, 2019



Question in singular, answer in plural?


na seacaide is plural but the question in English was a jacket, wasn't it?


Ah, no, na seachaide isn't plural, it's in the singular genitive case.

Direct objects of verbal nouns (except for indefinite singular) take the genitive case. This probably isn't explained anywhere yet.

  • seachaid = a jacket
  • an seachaid = the jacket
  • dath na seachaide = the colour of the jacket

We use the genitive after verbal nouns because in a literal sense what is being said is something like "the putting (on) of the jacket".

Just wait until you get to the plural genitive.


Ah, I see. The way you introduce new grammar is a bit sneaky.


Thanks! I was wondering why it was "na" and not "an"! :-)

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