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"I am wanting strawberry, that is tasty!"

Translation:Tha mi ag iarraidh sùbh-làir, tha sin blasta!

December 10, 2019



Surely it would be better to say I am wanting a strawberry (indefinite article) / strawberries (plural) in English. Unless it means 'the strawberry one', like you're picking a flavour. Does the Gaelic phrase suggest whether this is the fruit or a flavour?


"Sin blasta" instead of "tha sin blasta", is not accepted. Is that normal?


That's fun because the other day, I did "tha sin blasta" on another lesson, and it wanted "sin blasta." Lol...


I am wanting strawberry that is tasty. Not the untasty sort. Restrictive clause.

I am wanting strawberry, that is tasty, with cream. Unrestrictive clause.

I am wanting strawberry. That is tasty. And clear.

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