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Scottish Gaelic has graduated from Beta!

Feasgar math a chàirdean! Just to let you know that the course has now graduated from Beta testing after staying below the threshold for reports for 14 days in a row. We think this might be the fastest a course has ever “graduated” from Beta testing which is exciting!

This doesn’t mean that there won’t still be things to change, and we are working hard responding to reports. This does mean that we can start to work on new content to expand the tree! Thanks from myself, Màrtainn, Joanne and the rest of the team for all your help! Ceud mìle taing!

December 10, 2019



Congratulations! I can't say I'm surprised though. The course looked so well thought through and polished from the start that one wouldn't have guessed it was still in beta without knowing that it had only just been added to the courses.


Tapadh leibh! Amazing job guys, we really appreciate your effors! :)


Woah nice! Meal do naidheachd! Time to update the Duolingo wiki to show it's no longer in beta! :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duolingo#List_of_Courses_in_Beta_phase


To be honest - I started the Scottish Gaelic course out of pure curiosity. Didn't know that it is quite different from Irish. Just wanted to tell you, that I love the voices of the speakers.


Specially the guy who says 'mòr' so angrily XD


I think that is me!


I LOVE the mature voices!!! I want them to tell me stories!!! and sing songs!! and the little kid that says "toilichte" adorable!!!


I like the variety of voices too


That's something that interests me too. I'll probably do Irish after this course. I was surprised that a lot of the signs in Irish made sense to me when I last visited. The exits on the Motorway say A Mach for example. I believe that speakers of Donegal Irish can made out bits and pieces of Scottish Gaelic. Once you get the different pronunciation scheme, I imagine that Irish would have helped a lot with Gaelic. I suppose that Old Irish would be to Gaelic and Modern Irish as Latin is to Italian.


Tha sin ait! Ceud mìle taing to all who helped. You guys are awesome.


Thank you so much to the dedicated volunteer team, you have done such a good job, you are amazing folks


Mealaibh ur naidheachd dhan a h-uile duine an sàs! Sàr-obair a rinn sibh.


Wow! How do you say workaholics in Gaelic? I'm up to a Level 2 Golden Tree now and I only noticed a couple of very minor things.

Tha sinn gu math dèidheil air an obair agaibh


Mòran taing! Thank you so much for this course in Scottish Gaelic. I am loving it. It is so well thought out and very addictive. Glad to hear you will keep adding more content as I don't want to reach the end. I've waited so long for this course.


Fantastic! It's been pretty smooth sailing so far.


Snog! Is toil leam Gàidhlig.


Loving the course, I have wanted to learn Gaelic since I was a little girl, and I'm now 50. It's going to be even better now that I've found out the light bulbs exist. Only using the android app meant I had never seen one. Well done everyone involved.


Congratulations team! It is a wonderful course. Ceud mìle taing!


That's great news! Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you and the other contributors put into this course! Just one question: Are there any thoughts about adding speaking exercises or is this currently impossible due to technical limitations (no STT engine for Gaelic available)?


Although there is a good text to speech engine available, I don't think that there is a speech to text engine in existence. I could be wrong though. I'm sure would all be open to using it, should one come into existence.



So quick though, huh? Well, I think I'm gonna go and take the whole course after my Japanese! Definitely interesting! :-)


Although I’m not currently trying to learn Scottish, how quickly will notes be added to the tree?


Notes are ready for first 5 skills. I can’t really give a time frame for the rest but we are working away pretty tirelessly as we are a small-ish team. We value, and I personally enjoy writing them but I wouldn’t want to put a date on it!


Tapadh leibh CM for all the work you and the team are putting into this course! Are you planning to add tips and notes for every skill before working on the expanded course, or is the plan to add tips and notes and work on the expanded course at the same time? Also, what does CM stand for in your name? Is it chick magnet? :-)


Hey! CI is Ciaran Iòsaph. MacAonghais is my surname. Planning on adding them all. I personally quite like doing the notes in tandem with other jobs as it keeps things interesting! :) Thanks! Mòran taing!


Mòran taing! I wasn't sure what your name is because on your Duolingo profile it just says your name is CM, so I thought it might be an acronym for something :-)


First 19 skills (as of 19 December, 2019) now! :D Can't believe how quickly they've been coming out! Hope this means the expanded course is being worked on and hopefully get released soon :-) Thanks again for all the work you and everyone have been putting into the course! :D


Has this language only been in beta for like 2 days? Or was i just late to starting it.


Course went into Beta 14 days ago. You need 14 days below 1 report in a 100 sessions to graduate, which thankfully we had from the start.


Wow.,What a testament to how well put together this course is. Thank you to the course contributors for all your hard work! We are so lucky to get to benefit from it :)


Wow I got lucky, checking DL for the first time in years and today's the day the course I really wanted comes out of beta! Tapadh leibh!


Sgoinneil! (Brilliant!)


I am really delighted that your hard work has been so fruitful. I am enjoying the course so much. It is the most challenging so far for me but such a delight - suddenly all these place names mean something (or at least some of them anyway!)


loving this app been waiting for ages for you to bring it out Tapadh Leat


I am really enjoying the course - and wanted to thank the contributors for their hard work. (Still not sure why Eilidh needs to know about my/other people's underpants though ;-) )


Haha, poor Eilidh! Glad you are enjoying it.


meal ur naidheachdan! taing mhor dhuibhse.


What does this mean? I understood "Congratulations! x big x" Not sure what "taing" and "dhuibhse" mean


'Taing' is 'thanks'. 'Dhuibhse' is the emphatic form of 'dhuibh'. So 'taing mhòr dhuibhse' > 'big thanks to you' :)


Taing mhòr a Joanne! :D


Yay thanks very much! Shows the persistence of the Scots!


Love this language! Just finished it yesterday! Go Duo!


this is cool thx guy


Fantastic! Really enjoying this course.


That was fast! Congratulations, it shows how much effort the contributors poured into it :)


I'm curious as to when the Ghàidhlig is going to listen to a student saying the word? Is that going to happen?


I know that quite a few courses don't have this. I don't think a speech to text programme actually exists at present in Gaelic, although there is a good text to speech one. I'm genuinely not sure what this would involve, although if it was possible I'd be very keen!


There are various audio-to-text (and vice versa) translation programs out there for visually-impaired people. I wonder if any of those companies have made progress that would be useful in this department? One of my blind friends who uses one of these loved it when I would type in Gaelic. Apparently the program (Dragon?) said some very odd things trying to sort it. This was quite a few years ago. Maybe blind speakers in Scotland and Ireland who use computers would have some ideas.


Tapadh leibh gu mor! Sgoinneil!


First of all I feel that the course is good, but I don’t think it is ready to leave beta. Some of the audio recordings are low quality, the amount of acceptable answers are slim. The English used is not standard English with some words that maybe unrecognizable e.g. ‘joiner’ and ‘layabout’.

I am in no means saying the course is unfinished, I just feel that is should stay in the beta tag for a little while longer while changes are still being made.


Leaving Beta is an automated process, we sat below the report threshold for a full two weeks and so the system "graduates" the course. It wasn't a decision made by Duolingo or course contributors. English used is not standard in some cases ("I am wanting" as opposed to "I want" as this reflects what is going on in the Gaelic, non standard but easy to understand common enough in Scotland. This is essential to teach the present tense in Gaelic properly. We replace any audio that gets reported and also add any sensible alternative translations suggested. I think the vast majority of the audio is good, we recorded most of the 7000 or so sound files in a month so there are bound to be mistakes. I don't see how joiner and layabout are unrecognisable, but that could just be me. You can help us by continuing to report, as we are active and making changes every day.


I will go through the course again, I tested out of most of it. I do look forward to it’s continued growth and hope that it gains more active users.


Me too! It has been really heartening to see so many people take it up.


What is unrecognisable about joiner or layabout?

A joiner is a person who constructs the wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames.

A layabout is a good-for-nothing person who does as little work as possible.

Both are standard English on both sides of the pond. Here are Merriam Webster Dictionary definitions:





Layabout is not common among all English speakers because it a derogatory word of British origin.


Layabout is in common usage among older Scottish- and Irish-Americans. I'm middle-aged and my parents and some of my contemporaries use the term in English.


Where are joiner and layabout unrecognizable?


Almost totally accurate.......


Hooray! Who has the real deep voice? That one gives me chills


If it's in the Pets skill it's DK from South Uist. If it's anywhere else it's me!


Tapadh leibh a charaid! Tapadh leibh!

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