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  5. "It smells too bad."

"It smells too bad."

Translation:Nimis male olet.

December 10, 2019



Why can't you say "Tan male olet?"


I think the differene is: Tam = It smells so bad.
Nimis = It smells too bad.
Valde = It smells very bad.


its probably not the right place, but where is the course continued. it stopps for me after" nature" and "feast". are the next courses, there must be many, we did not have any things like imperfekt, future etc., are they not for free? i did so love this course, i would even pay....


For now there are no more. Developers will extend the course, however it will take some time for them to do finish.


I think so also. I make this course English- Latin, because there is no German-Latin- course, but I like the Latin language so much. For my quit life I wished to learn Latin. And now, one year ago, with 71 years, I began this course by Duolingo and I learned so much. I'm so happy and I wished, I would can learn more and more. Please, you development- team do what you can do! Quickly! I'm waiting and I'm not alone. And I'm soon 72 years old ...


The English translation is something a native speaker would never say.


The translator's problem: Do you want it to flow naturally in your translation? Or represent the original language as closely as possible? Or something in between? For the purpose of learning a different language, I agree with the developers that representing the original language's flow and word choice is the better option, at least when dealing with something as far removed from English as Latin.


How relevant is the word order? "Olet nimis male" is marked wrong.

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