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What Latin authors do you want to translate?

Dear Duolingo Latin,

I assume that most of us have a goal when we start learning Latin on Duolingo. For me, I have two long-term goals. First, I want to be fluent in the language to the point that I can pick-up a text (Seneca, Caesar, Tacitus) and read it with ease. Second, I want to translate all of Virgil's "Aeneid".

Why do you want to learn Latin? What is your goal?

December 10, 2019



I'm assuming your long term goal goes beyond Duolingo because you won't get near your course with this course. Personally I want to read Catullus.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am going through Duolingo after having completed Wheelock's Latin, and I will be jumping into Lingua Latina, an immersive textbook. Hopefully with these three "methods" of education I will have a good foundation.

My plan is to do a little bit of Seneca first, then one of Cicero's orations and then one book of Virgil. Who knows after that!


It would be good to read Spinoza as he originally wrote it.

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