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  5. "Dov'è la tua famiglia?"

"Dov'è la tua famiglia?"

Translation:Where is your family?

April 26, 2013



Surley 'are' is acceptable here!?


I also reported this 4 years since your comments. In English a family are, by definition, made up of more than one person, so 'is' is never correct as you are always referring to 'they'. The phrase ''They is" will and can never be correct.


Yes it is, I reported it.


Question: is "dove" pronounced with a closed "e", and "dov'è" pronounced with an open "e"? If so, "dov'è" is pronounced wrong on the slow version. I reported it.


How do you know when to use "Dove" and when to use "Dov'è"?


You use dov'è when the sentence is Where is It is a contraction.


To further elaborate, "dove la tua famiglia?" is not a complete sentence as there is no verb; it would translate to "Where your family?" "Dove" is just "where" and "dov'è" is a contraction of "dove è" meaning "where is."


Is this question also used to ask 'Where is your family from?'?


No! In this case should be 'Da dove viene la tua famiglia?"


Do we need the article? Isn't "famiglia" a family word?


Where are your family cannot be a correct translation because it isn't grammatically corret in English. Family is a singular unit, although a family has many people. Where is your family is appropriate. Where are you parents and siblings is also correct. But family as one unit would be where is your family


Sorry, you are incorrect for non-US English, where a family is always referred to as a multiple. Duolingo is strongly US based, but they make allowances for non-US usage, such as using the word 'biscuits' instead of 'cookies' and 'sweets' instead of 'candy'. In this case, with only the US treating the word as a single entity, the use of 'are' should be allowed.


Why can I not write Dov'è tua famiglia


Because in italian you add an article before plural. "La famiglia" is not plural however it refers to a group of people so "la" is added.

  • Dov'è tua famiglia -> incorrect
  • Dov'è la tua famiglia -> correct


Not a good sign if you ask this question to the bride at an italian wedding! Did you learn nothing from Romeo e Giulietta?

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