"Aodach dubh."

Translation:Black clothes.

December 10, 2019



Had no clue whether aodah is feminine or masculine... Might have missed that in previous exercises.


There are five main ways to deal with gender in Gaelic:

  1. Use a dictionary - go to faclair.com.
  2. Learn as you go along. Don't mind making mistakes, and observe, every time you see a word in a situation where you can tell its gender.
  3. Learn some rules to help you guess. These are covered here.
  4. Get a feel for it. Even without actually knowing the rules, you will soon get a feel for it. This is what children do.
  5. Guess masculine. This is an unusual feature of Gaelic, Irish and Manx that a higher proportion are masculine than in other M/F languages such as French or Spanish. D


(2) I don't mind making mistakes. :)

(It is very nice, though, if a course had its own logics and did not require additional resources - which are always around, of course.)

(5) That's funny!


(5) Part of the reason is that neuter nouns almost all became masculine when the neuter was lost. The given reason is that neuter has always been the same as the masculine in half the cases, so it was natural to go to the same in all cases. But of course this logic can only be applied to these three languages, as they are the only ones that have both lost the neuter and retained a case system.


Would "clothing" be more accurate? Wouldn't "clothes" be "aodaichean"?


Both translations are fine. There is no confusion as aodach does not mean a single piece of clothing - and nor does *a clothe as that doesn't even exist.

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