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  5. "Tha dealbh mòr agad."

"Tha dealbh mòr agad."

Translation:You have a big picture.

December 10, 2019



Oh, drat, used painting instead of picture, big red cross. There's a programme on BBC Alba called Dealbhan Fraoich, and since the eponymous lady (whom I am honoured to be acquainted with) is doing portraits, sometimes in paint, sometimes in pencil or pastels, I guess I was slightly thrown. Mind you, faclair.com gives dealbh uaimhe as cave painting and dealbhachd as the art of painting, and also mentions dealbh-ola as oil painting, SO... can the word dealbh be translated as painting as well as picture? Just enquiring, I'll try to remember to write picture in future.


I am pretty sure it means both painting or picture.


Irish dealbh = statue. How did that drift happen?


It can have both meanings in both languages, although I'm not sure about everyday usage. It's like "likeness".


In, at least, American English. Having the big picture means having a broad understanding. Is there a similar meaning here?


Is this an idiom, or just another duolingo sentence?


It's just a sentence saying you have a picture and it's big.

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