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How do I say "specifically" in Latin?

Google Translate says "in specie," but we all know about their track record when it comes to Latin.

December 10, 2019



Depends on context.

The obvious one is id est (i.e.) Or per se.

Certis might work, depending on what you're trying to say.


Plurima ossa in pavimento habemus. Id est, ego plurima ossa in pavimento habeo.


Sounds good to me. I have a feeling there's a better word or phrase in classical Latin, and that my suggestion of "id est" is more Ecclesiastical Latin, but I'm not sure what it would be. The Google suggestion doesn't sound right at all.


Yeah, my thoughts exactly. (with google, that is)

Quick question: What part of speech would I be looking for in this context?


Smith and Hall's dictionary suggests disertē and also gives a link (yellow) to "explicitly," which you can follow and see what you think of the suggestion. The search box on that page can be very useful, as it accesses 4 different reference books. You can enter search words in Latin or English, and the definitions provided are nicely formatted, once you get used to them. So if you find a suggested Latin word that seems likely, type it in and see what the other books that can be searched may have to say about it, as they give citations for usage and sometimes provide a link to the passage in question online.

Or you may be able to find something in the nice digital Forcellini dictionary, which prints out text citations in the definitions . . . or in one of the dictionaries Lexilogos links to. (Most of the links on the Lexilogos page are to French materials--and really good ones, too--but towards the bottom of the page there are some books in English linked to; however most are not dictionaries, although very worthwhile.)


Doesn't Duolingo have its own little dictionary thing?


It's outsourced from Google, so not really.

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