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  5. "Tha i a' bruidhinn Gàidhlig."

"Tha i a' bruidhinn Gàidhlig."

Translation:She is speaking Gaelic.

December 10, 2019



Can't this be translated with present simple? She speaks Gaelic?


In this case, no, this is unambiguously present-continuous in English (unlike e.g. with verbs of perception/thought), as in "she is in the act of speaking".

"She speaks Gaelic" would be present-habitual, which is done with the future tense in Gaelic.


And then you'd use it to describe someone that usually speaks Gaelic rather than someone who merely knows gaelic for which you will have gathered by now you would use Tha gàidhlig aice


so "ag" and "a'" are the ing for Gaelic, but when do you use each? is a' feminine while ag is masculine or something?


ag before a vowel, and just a' before consonants, so it's easier to say. The only exception I know of is ag ràdh (saying)


Obvious mistake when you are tired


Yes I know just a slip

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