Counting people

I am sure a few people have noticed this but there appears to be an error in some of the lessons in that Duo is using the regular number system to count people. For example saying aon dhuine instead of aonar/aonan.

Is there a way this can be rectified before it confuses too many people?

December 10, 2019


Hey! That should be it all changed now, although it can take a few days to feed through. We will hopefully get a chance to teach "aonan, dithis, triùir" etc. in the skills to come. Thanks for the heads up, really helpful! Mòran taing dhuibh uile!

Seen this too, things along the lines of "trì balaich" instead of "triùir bhalach" etc.

NB. "aon" is normally fine though (e.g. aon duine) – it's from two onward people tend to bother with the personal numbering.

Just having a look at this now. :)

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