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"The clever weasel usually goes to the forum."

Translation:Mustela callida ad forum ire solet.

December 11, 2019



Mustela callida ire ad forum solet. - Is that really wrong?


I had the same thing, is this a case where word order DOES matter? Does the infinitive need to go next to the 'usually' ?


Why is "ire" used here instead of "it"? That is, I don't understand why I needed the infinitive?


It is because solere is used with an infinitive of another verb. It is translated to English as "usually goes" but it really should be understood as something like "is using to go" (this is not correct English, but think of it as "used to go" literally transposed to the present tense). Or think of it as another verb that behaves like "want" ot "like". He likes to go, he wants to go, he solet to go.


with macron, Mūstēla callida ad forum īre solet.

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