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  5. 'S e aran milis a th ann


'S e aran milis a th ann

This is the translation given for - " It is shortbread "

Can't we use - Seo aran milis ?

What is this ( 'S e + noun + a th ann ) form used for ? And what is its exact meaning ?

December 11, 2019

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Seo aran milis would mean this is shortbread

’S e aran milis a th’ ann means it is shortbread, but it’s a pretty complex construction. Literally it means shortbread is it that is in-it, shortbread is the-thing that is in-it, shortbread is what is in-it.

It uses an idiomatic expression ‘A is what is in B’ meaning ‘B is A’. You could say eg. ’s e tidsear a th’ annam for I am a teacher, lit. a teacher is it that is in-me or a teacher is what is in me.

I think you could also use straightforward is aran milis e (or: ’s aran milis e) for it is shortbread (is that answer accepted?) but I am not sure how exactly copula (the is, ’s verb) works in Scottish (I base my answers on my experience with Irish, they might differ slightly) and it’s hard to find an accessible and comprehensive description online, seems I need to find a good book on Sc. Gaelic grammar.

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