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"Tha an fhorca agam briste, feumaidh mi eile."

Translation:My fork is broken, I need another one.

December 11, 2019



tè eile - Is that feminine and fear eile is masculine, or how does it work? I realise that notes and tips will be forthcoming.


Yes. You are correct.


I was wondering the same thing!


Tips and notes have arrived!


I've listened to this a dozen times on full volume now, and it really sounds like to me like she's pronouncing "tè" as /tʰe:/ ("tae") rather than /tʲʰe:/ ("chae")... is she really saying the slender t and it's just too muffled to hear, or is this a dialectal variation?


"Tha am fhorca agam briste" sounded like "tha am norska agam tiste" and completely threw me off. Is that how it normally sounds? I will try to remember it.


Note that it is an fhorca. Only the article that does not cause lenition changes to am. I cannot replay the sound so I cannot comment on what you heard, though.


No, sounds normal. You may just need to "get your ear in".


I love her voice and the pronounciation. I wonder what dialect does she speak?

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