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  5. "I am wanting two pounds."

"I am wanting two pounds."

Translation:Tha mi ag iarraidh dà not.

December 11, 2019



Why isn't 'not' lenited to 'nhot'?


You can't lenite an n in writing. The letters that can lenite are b, c, d, f, g, m, p, s, t. (Some dialects can lenite some varieties of l, n, r but that's never written, so it's always not here.)


Though there's also what I think of as the gumpot rule. You can't lenite s if it is followed by g m p or t, so sg, sm, sp and st also do not lenite. (Such as sgillinn)


Yes you're right, it is a little more complicated than I put it, I was just giving the basics. "gumpot" is a great way of remembering the sg, sm, sp, st rule - thanks! There are other exceptions too where, say, from the grammar you might expect lenition, it doesn't occur. So it's not as straightforward as it first may seem. All learnable eventually though with enough practise!

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