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  5. "Chan eil caileag crosta."

"Chan eil caileag crosta."

Translation:A girl is not cross.

December 11, 2019



A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I am going home!


Tha caileag Arya Stark à Winterfell!


That's immediately what I thought! It's a funny phrase. I'd say "The girl is not cross" but that was marked wrong so the definite article must be something diffrent.


Thank you Morag Kurr. You be helpies. :)


Agus tha mi a' dol dhachaidh ...


what does it mean by cross? like mad or something?


Yes. Cross means angry.


My grandmother always said 'cross'. She had lots of little UK-ism I found, even being Canadian. :)


I wonder if "the" is just not included yet in the answer choices. (THE girl is not cross) Will report, just in case! <3


"The girl is not cross" would be "Chan eil an chaileag crosta" or something like that. The definite article is specifically excluded by not being there in the Gaelic sentence.

ETA: I see from above that I didn't know this a month ago, and asked the same question. I'm learning!


You need to add the other definitions as acceptable answers. "Angry" was not accepted despite being listed under the word.


You need to report it when this happens, checking "my answer should be accepted". It's by no means certain that one of the mods or contributors will see a comment here and pick up on it. If you use the report button they will see it and can decide if they agree.

Having said that, I'm not sure that "angry" would be accepted here, because we're taught further on in the course that "A girl is not angry" would be rendered in Gaelic as "Chan eil an fhearg air caileag" and I'm not sure if "caileag" should be lenited there so please don't judge me...


I thought crosta could be angry, cross or irritable


The suggested translation for this exercise -- "A girl is not cross" -- should have "crossed" instead of "cross" to be consistent with other translations of Scottish Gaelic "crosta" in Duolingo. (Or at least the exercise should accept "crossed" as a good translation, which it didn't, at least not in my case.)


As I understand it, the Scottish Gaelic "crosta" means "cross" in the sense of "angry". English, at least British English, doesn't use "crossed" to mean angry.


I misheard it and typed "chan eil Cailean crosta" and it was marked correct. It did not mention a typo!


I- why did I get it wrong when I added angry and not cross. Doesn't it say it can be either or?


I would say that "angry" and "cross" mean the same thing in English, so "angry" should be acceptable. I have reported it.


I didn't know cross means angry in English i thought it was a typo! Thanks Duo!

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