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  5. "The good candy."

"The good candy."

Translation:An suiteas math.

December 11, 2019



Candy? Not sweet or sweetie?


For some reason the English used in this course appears to be tailored primarily for an American audience rather than a British one.


That's funny. I've been thinking it's 'mixed" as regards the audiences... ???


I would say sweet or sweetie.


Well Duolingo is a US company


why is this not an t-suiteas math?...it's an + s followed by a vowel ??


Because suiteas is a masculine noun. So,

  • Tha an suiteas math - The sweets are good. (an suiteas is nominative/accusative case)
  • Tha blas math air an t-suiteas - The sweets taste good (Literally, there is a good taste on the sweets. This uses the dative case since an t-suiteas follows the preposition air)

For whatever reason, although the English word sweets is plural, its Gaelic equivalent, suiteas is singular.

This contrasts with feminine nouns, such as an t-sìde (The weather), where the t- prefix is required after the definite article for singular nouns beginning with s followed by a vowel in both the nominative/accusative case and the dative case.


At the risk of appearing to be rather stupid I have to ask cause I've been wondering for quite some time now: How do I detect whether a noun in Gaelic is feminine or masculine?


Gender of a noun that is in a sentence can often be identified by how it affects words linked to it (e.g. lenition of adjectives with feminine nouns), the form of the definite article used with it, and how the definite article affects the form of the noun. See Duolingo's tips and notes for the Scottish Gaelic course for grammatical information related to this.

Without the context of a sentence, it is more difficult, and it is often just a case of memorising the gender, but see a discussion related to this at forum.duolingo.com/comment/37017991/Lenition-in-Scottish-Gaelic and links to other articles in that discussion.


Mòran taing! This is fantastic and especially the input concerning the issue with determining the gender without given context is very helpful and exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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