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Didòmhnaich and Latha na Sàbaid (Words for Sunday)

Madainn mhath *,

It seems that there are two different words for Sunday (Didòmhnaich and Latha/Là na Sàbaid), which difference seem to be rooted in religious context. Is there any preference learners should focus on? Are there situations in which the use of the wrong word to an audience might be offensive? A recent discussion pointed out that even the use of the formal and unformal "you" is more forgivable nowadays, so maybe that is the same case here?

Tapadh leibh and a good day to you. :-)

December 11, 2019



Won’t help you myself as I’m not that familiar with Sc. Gaelic vocabulary, but I’ve found an interesting thread about it on Fòram na Gàidhlig (it is generally about synonyms, but starting with the 5th post it deals mainly with the name of Sunday): Fòram na Gàidhlig: Words with same meaning, might be helpful. :)


I didn't know about that forum. Thank you!


I was definitely taught both in my classes here, with a preference for Didòmhnaich, but not a strong one.


Both are very common, but speakers will usually say either one or the other. It used to mostly depend on dialect / area but the picture is much more mixed these days.


Both are equally common and based off dialect. However whether or not people are religious comes into it as well. I say Didòmhnaich even though my dialect uses latha na sabaid


One means 'the Lord's day' and the other means 'day of the Sabbath'. Which do you consider the religious one? ;)

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