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  5. "Grandmother eats every day."

"Grandmother eats every day."

Translation:दादी जी हर दिन खाती हैं।

December 11, 2019



what is the meaning of जी?


It is an honorific suffix that is used to convey respect. For example, when respectfully addressing you, I would say 'Steve ji'.


The 'hain' is used for respect right? So is ' dhadha har dhin kathe(plural for respect) hain' correct?


Correct on both counts.
The हैं is for respect. The corresponding sentence for the grandfather would be 'दादा हर दिन खाते हैं' because you need to use the masculine plural form खाते.


I would certainly hope she does


Duo has a bad habit of introducing random grammatical concepts without discussing them anywhere else. I am in the 4th round of the Family lesson, and this is the first time I've seen जी. No earlier versions of this sentence had जी. It's not in any earlier sentences, and it's not in the Tips. Hoping with their paid moderators, this issue will be resolved.


Why nani is not expected?


It should be accepted. You can report if you see the sentence again.

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