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"'S e iasgair a th' annam. Cha bhi mi ag ithe iasg ge-tà."

Translation:I am a fisher. I do not eat fish though.

December 11, 2019



So, I learned Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh, and they use a few different spellings from Duolingo. I learned to spell "though" as "ged-thà", not "ge-tà". It drives me crazy when Duolingo marks these things wrong. (Another is "Càite bheil" instead of "Càit a bheil")


It's because the Gaelic Orthographic Convention stipulates that ge-tà is the correct spelling. So that's what we teach. Likewise with "càite/càit a bheil", GOC goes with càit, which we've changed in the next update.


Thanks! That makes sense to me. I guess I wish that Duolingo would mark non-standard spellings like those two as "typos" so we could see the official spelling and adjust, rather than get the whole thing wrong, just because we learned it another way from another source.


So stupid to get dinged for a typo when you are clicking on boxes. SMH


My main fault in these, aside from my inability to hear the subtleties of the spoken language, is that I rush through them. D'Oh!


I should not have been marked wrong for "I am a fisher though I do not eat fish". This the more normal way you would say it in English. The way your translation puts it would be correct but less common. You need to allow English its own way of saying things as well as Gaelic.


It may be because there is a full stop after the first sentence and your suggested translation implies one continuous sentence?


Yeah I said this too, pretty sure putting "though" at the end is actually incorrect in English, though we all do it (ha). Feels odd otherwise


Fisherman should be accepted.


It is, if it didn't accept your answer then you might have had a typo elsewhere.

[deactivated user]

    Why does "I will not eat fish, however" not work for the second sentence? Isn't this a continuing construction?


    Bidh/cha bhi/etc represent the future or continuing actions, so the translation is "I do not eat fish though."


    That would be chan ith mi iasg, ge-tà. :)

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