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"You are hungry, Professor Samia."

Translation:أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا أُسْتاذة سامْية.

December 11, 2019



This happens very often but i have not reported it before. I can't read the correct solution because the print is so tiny. I can see the point of giving some practice in reading small or sketchy Arabic writing, but why do it when you want to point out an error? Lots of the print in your examples is enormous, so you must have a reason.


I suppose you could always pull out a magnifying glass. If you have one. Or use another phone to look at it and make it larger.


Many people have complained many times but Duolingo simply doesn't respond. There are suggestions elsewhere for programs to use on computer that magnify tiny script but they don't appear to work on phones ☹️


On a side note, I'm starting to wonder if Duo is experimenting with verbal hypnotic suggestion to its subjects. ;)

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