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How to block the google translate option on duolingo?

My students are choosing to test out of their levels and using the google translate option under the "more - dictionary" tab. They are basically cheating with it. Is there anyway to block this feature for my students? Thanks

December 11, 2019



I agree that this is a huge problem, Sr. Gomez. I convinced my students (all but one, sigh.) not to use Google Translate or other machine translations ever, by showing them a slideshow of tattoos gone wrong, video game descriptions that are nonsensical, Google Translate Sings (a youtube channel), some newspaper articles about how the Russian government was translated as Mordor for three weeks, and the whole Cofeve thing. My lecture gets longer and longer each year as more silliness gets added.

As for my one student who still keeps trying to use Google translate, I just keep plugging away at her and pointing out how stupid her sentences are. Her father has six feet? She is a cold-hearted killer? She (redacted) her grandmother? These are all Google translate problems.

I agree with Thomas.Heiss that you need to give them one test -- one test, that is beyond them, and then when they are feeling bad, have a long talk with them about what is the point of learning? That they actually internalize the rules. How much better they would feel about themselves if they actually became fluent, and didn't feel like a cheater. This will probably take several days of getting the kids to be invested in their education. Make them write up and do a presentation of how much they can do once they are fluent. But show them all the positives of not using Google Translate. And by all means show them examples of Google Translate gone wrong. 'Cause it's funny.


How would that help? Wouldn't the cheaters simply be able to open another window outside of Duolingo and do the same thing?


Well I'm able to block all the other websites (like google translate) through a school software that controls all their chromebooks.


Time to give them weekly / monthly written tests / vocab and grammar quizzes :-)

Maybe they will stop with that if you tell them beforehand when they hear that they are actually TESTED on the learned stuff?


Maybe you should have a fun day when the students get to speak to each other in that language and only that language and the kid who uses translate will be left out?


Hopefully, that's every day in the classroom.

But there are still some times when we need to assess the students on paper. This is one of the reasons that I don't use computers in my physical classroom. You can't open a second tab on a piece of paper. (That, and students spend too much time in front of a screen anyway. Especially nowadays.)

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