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Too much alphabet practice

Does anyone else feel this way?

I came into the course being very comfortable with the arabic alphabet (abjad), and seeing how much I'm being forced to just mindless click on "babab" and "Jama3" or whatever is just so boring. I'm honestly considering quitting this program on duolingo because everytime I want to learn a topic, half of it is alphabet practice which I am already good at.

I know that not everyone is at the same level as me at recognizing the different consonants and sounds. However, why is there not an option to turn off these alphabet practices? Maybe even a test to prove yourself. I maxed out the 4 alphabet lessons by testing out, hoping this would do that but all I did was waste my time, really.

Not only that, but there are 4 alphabet lessons! Why include more alphabet stuff in the other topics with random sounds that have nothing to do with the topic at hand?? There is no relevance and my vocabulary is not at all growing from it. Worst case, put more alphabet lessons scattered across that I'd only need to get level 1 on to access the rest, and everyone else can keep working on those if they need practice.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm hoping when the next update rolls around, that this is fixed because I am about to just leave. The rest of the course is not bad, like I'm learning words and sentence structure... just whenever it's alphabet practice I make a long sigh and zoom through it...

December 11, 2019



the repetition is for you to remember the words and study them so you can practice so i think you should not consider quitting duolingo


The point I am making is that I do not think it useful to choose "بَسام" makes the sound basaam. This means nothing to me, and I am comfortable with reading the script... I just want vocabulary and sentence structure.

Would it be useful in a french course to repeatedly indicate that the letter mashup "fémé" makes the sound fay-may? Not really... this is the point I am trying to make.


Yeah if you've learned the alphabet before it's frustrating that there's no way to do a placement test to get out of the reading/spelling practice.

Have you tried the English for Arabic speakers course? I'm doing the French for Arabic speakers now and I find I'm picking up quite a bit from it. The obvious downside is of course that the sound/listening practice is all in the target language.

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