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Duolingo needs games

My students love Duolingo, but they all agree that it needs some in game games. Some examples are: hangman, scrabble, or even something simple like a twist on tic tac toe

December 11, 2019



Yes, I do agree.

I would like the idea more if it was language related, if that's what you are meaning. Like hangman, it can be in any language besides your native language.

I would also suggest that if The Duolingo Team added this, make it cost lingots. Some would only do the games and not the lessons itself. Maybe like 20 lingots for a certain game, and more or less for others. Get my point, here? That's all I have to say. Best to you!


The twist on tic tac toe would be something like, before every move you have to answer a question relating to the language you’re taking


Zibby.T11, thank you for the idea! I had my beginning students working on some simple sentences. I love to use mini white boards, because that way I can go around quickly and see who is struggling where. After we ran through the conjugations that I wanted them to get solid, I told them to:

  1. Pick a partner

  2. Erase one of the boards and draw a tic-tac-toe board

  3. Be ready to write sentences on the second board

  4. Decide who was x's and who was o's.

I told them x's were going first and I randomly selected a sentence. X's wrote it down. As I walked around, I either said (in the target language), "Great! You can put an x on the board." or "Hmmm. Something's wrong. Don't put an X on the board."

The students got really into the game and were really nit-picky with each other. It worked great! Thanks for mentioning tic-tac-toe. I'll give you a lingot that you probably already have a million of.

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Thanks for this discussion.
I have just been doing a bit of google search about this topic, and on a quick look, these resources may interest people, and may even inspire perhaps some of us.

I will also try to properly test out these links over time, and come and edit this, or create a separate resource, and link back to here. :


Please note, lots of these are for French resources, but may have links through to other languages, or have concepts that may inspire others.

Also note that some of them are not https. (the "s" stands for extra layers of security). This means you data can be collected and could be open for all to collect. So do not enter sensitive and private information, especially on http sites.
https is a better form of security. Though always be very very careful with what information you share on the internet.


I would assume that a memory cards matching game would be fairly easy to program, since we already have matching sections in several languages and also in Stories.

A "Typershark" kind of game might also be fun, too.


I totally agree with you, TaylorFiontae, I think that if it cost lingots, then my students would do more Duolingo, to get to the games. Thanks for the idea!


I fully agree with this and stand behind it as an educator.


Oh, you are a teacher?? Seriously?

Where is your green Educator ring?

Pardon for asking, but what exactly is the point in putting someone other as a picture into YOUR own Duolingo avatar (like a very young kid - probably your daugther or something)?


haha, I just commented "Your students? In your profile picture you look like a child lol." because I thought the same thing.


Where is your educator ring? This post wasnt supposed to start fights, but you shouldnt question my authority if yours is questionable.

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You do not need to be a registered Duolingo Educator to be an teacher/educator/tutor, and also to use Duolingo resources to assist you with supporting the language acquisition of your learners.

Also Duolingo does not require you to use a photo of yourself, even if you are a educator. Our interactions here are only via text. And there can be very good reasons for why people do not wish to have a real photo of themselves. We are an open community, and anyone can use Duolingo to learn a language.
I know that I am uncomfortable to have a photo of myself on the Duolingo platform. I do value my reputation, and I stand accountable before you, each of you.

I would suggest your comment above may be a bit on the harsh side. We have guidelines regarding avatars, for there are those that do abuse this ability. Often at times like this I also go and check out https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines. Even after all these years, I still find I read this about once a week.

To generally mention to those reading this, if you hold concerns about someone's avatar, and it is against our guidelines, please consider :

It is also allowable in the way our site runs, to choose to edit any comments you have made, if in review, for example, you wished you had said things differently. To make the comments perhaps less harsh. Maybe even to make it supportive and inclusive. Our focus is on language learning. And also encouraging a community that is supportive and inclusive of all others, and empowered to also engage in appropriate ways.

I also agree with the poster, Zibby, that I would like to see more games available to be played. Though I would prefer to see the empowerment and development of real life games able to be played between people. Between learners, and also between learners and teachers, in the real world.

Thomas, you are a valued poster of content and assistance in our forums and a long term and respected member of our community. Thank you.

Also, for interests sake, Educator rings can be either Green or Gold. It may also interest people to check out: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33395127


Your students? In your profile pic you look like a child lol.

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