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"I am working over there in a bank."

Translation:Tha mi ag obair an siud ann am banca.

December 11, 2019



Over there could also be thall an siud??


Yep, I've added it :)


There shouldn't be hyphens in "an-seo/sin/siud" btw, assuming the course is following GOC(?).


Deagh phuing. I know Am Faclair Beag says yes, but Dwelly says no (as well as GOC). Don't know what the reasoning was for the hyphenation, but I'm sure there was one.


Are you keeping them like that?


For the time being, yes. There's nothing we can do about it for now. Technically it isn't wrong, and both versions are in the accepted translations, so nobody will get penalised for omitting the hyphen.


Why not 'Bidh mi...' for this one? Surely 'I am working over there in a bank' implies habitual action, and is not a present description, as the speaker is clearly not at work!

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