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I have just finished Duolingo Arabic course :)

I have just finished Duolingo Arabic course, and I'm very excited .... So far so good, all the tree levels were great ..... I'm looking forward to more lessons.....

December 11, 2019



I just started Arabic. The Arabic tree looks quite short though. Did you learn a lot?

What are you planning to do next? Arabic from youtube? Books?


Hi Antti ....The tree is short indeed...but, I'm hoping Duolingo to add more courses soon ..... Yes, I have learned a lot, so far, I think Duolingo is very good on this,.... I've memorized everything ....in the meantime, I continue studying Arabic at Alison, Memrise, and Mondly.....I wish you good luck with your lessons....


Wow! Congratulations. I am working on the Arabic course as well right now and I hope to complete it!


Hi there .....!! Thank you....!!! :) That is great....Good luck with your course....!!! :)


Good job! I'll have everything up through level 4 before the end of the year. I'm looking forward to finishing the whole tree and to new lessons.


Thank you Boothe Family....That is great .....!!! Good luck with your lessons....!!! :)

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations and All the best


    Thank you very much Ray.....!!! Same to you...Good luck with your lessons....!!! :)


    Congrats. I myself don't think this level of Arabic is enough for reading books (I have bought some and I'm trying)

    Have you tried the English from Arabic tree? It has a lot more vocabulary but it doesn't have Arabic sound.


    Thank you Vojtech_S....!!! You're right....The number of words we learn, up to this level is not enough to read a book....It is needed a larger vocabulary, more lessons ......The English from Arabic tree, no... I have't tried this version, because I want to hear the pronunciation of the words in Arabic....Good luck with your lessons...:)


    Congrats! How many hours per day/week did you use for your arabic studies?


    Thank you RomanCy2.....On a daily basis for at least 1 hour ....sometimes I was lazy and I did my lessons for only 15 minutes, but the next day I was studying more to fill the gap....Good luck with your lessons...!!! :)

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