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  5. "Eadar-lìon luath."

"Eadar-lìon luath."

Translation:Fast internet.

December 11, 2019



This has become a UK talking-point lately, and since the subject has been raised, and because it is crucial to modern learning options, including this course: what is the current status: north, and west, of - say - Inverness?

I enjoy a course that references both fast-internet, and a foodstuff I associate mostly with an island (Hiorta) that had to be abandoned in 1930.

A language needs a past (for richness), but a future (for wealth), if it is to have a present (and a presence).


I'm wondering does eadar-lìon have the same etymology as 'idirlíon' in Irish meaning the "between network"


Why is A fast internet wrong?


I guess it technically shouldn't be. I've added it :)

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