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Size of letters

I have just started Arabic and am on Alphabet 2. Just curious as to why, when a letter is introduced, the pictogram is nice and big, but when you're doing the "match the word with the pictogram" the Arabic is teensy-weensy? I can enlarge my screen but then the Check is below the screen. Is there anything that can be done on my end besides enlarging the screen?

December 11, 2019



Agreed! it would be helpful if they were bigger.


Agreed. People have been pointing out this problem ever since the course came out so I don't understand why it's still tiny and hard to read.


I agree the font sizes on the browser version are not good. I more or less had to do it on mobile for awhile before I became familiar enough with the letters to recognize them even at a very small size.


For me, the web version is impossible to read. Too small. I find it difficult on my mobile phone.

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