"Feasgar math."

Translation:Good afternoon.

December 12, 2019



Hard to hear or tell the difference between "feasgar math" and "feasgar mhat".


Novice here, but I believe (downvote if wrong) that "feasgar" is considered a masculine (or at least not feminine) noun, so the following "math" takes no H, as opposed to "madainn mhath."

The difference on sound is that the addition of the H seems to make a V sound as in "voice."


Why does this speaker sound like he is pronouncing "math" with a B? To my ear when he say "feasgar math" it sounds like he pronounces it "feasgar bah". Is this just because of regional dialect or am i just hearing it wrong?

Any other speakers i hear saying it, it just sounds like it should, "feasgar math", its only with this speaker i hear it differently

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