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"ʻO Keola ke keiki kāne a koʻu kaikaina, ʻo ia kaʻu keiki kāne hanauna."

Translation:Keola is the son of my younger sister. He is my nephew.

December 12, 2019



Is there a reason only "brother" is correct and not "sister"? Doesn't it depend on the speaker's gender?


I'm not convinced that "the son of my younger brother" is really different from "my younger brother's son." I will report.


Still not accepted 7/22/20. Reported -- again


Maybe for "my younger brother's son" it should be "ʻo keola ka koʻu kaikaina keiki kāne" instead of "ʻo keola ke keiki kāna a koʻu kaikaina" ?


Kaikaina can mean either younger sister OR younger brother is the notes below are accurate. This means my submission using younger brother should be accepted.

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