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  5. "A bheil i grànnda?"

"A bheil i grànnda?"

Translation:Is it horrible?

December 12, 2019



This also means "Is she ugly?"


Yep. This is the Weather skill, so "Is it horrible?" is the translation we give, but "Is she ugly?" will also be accepted.


Yes, you have to allow for people thinking outwith the skill being taught. That's why I wrote lùbar for 'windy' and it didn't like it. I reported it as it is completely valid but there was no opportunity to explain. D


Is there a page on how to pronounce words based on what's around them? As in if I mouse over the 'A' it sounds a bit like an english sound uh, but in the sentence, is sounds to me more like the English work 'is' or 'is-e'


Its actually a V sound coming from the bh in "bheil". a bheil" sounds like "eh-veal"


What's wrong with "Is it awful"?


Grànnda doesn't really translate into 'awful', I'm afraid, even though 'awful' and 'horrible' are similar in meaning in English.


learngaelic has a single n. Which is right?


Grànnda according to AFB, Dwelly and Mark. No mention of grànda anywhere. Where there is variation, Mark sometimes slips a variant into an example without noticing, but even this hasn't happened. It is safe to say (and this rarely happens) that there is no choice so whatever. It looks like a typo in learngaelic. Is there a procedure for querying their spelling on their website?

Edit: having done an internet search for grànda bha, it does occur in quite a few places, including a recent translation of the Bible. But that does make it right.

(Note that bha is an extremely common word in Gaelic, but it does not exist in any other language on Earth - not even Irish. So including it in a search string is a quick and reliable way of restricting search results to Gaelic.)

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