Translation:A thidseir!

December 12, 2019



So anytime you're talking to someone, you must use the vocative?


Only when you're addressing them


How many people go around yelling "teacher!" at their teachers? Duolingo is fun. heh


Maybe it's just me, but I would have been more likely to yell "Teacher!" to warn other kids the teacher was coming than to yell it at the teacher! ;-)


have you watched spartacus - the australian tv show. Low key spoiler - In the ludus (training school of the gladiators), they do keep yelling "doctore" at their teacher. Docotore is latin for teacher and yes, that is where we got the idea of calling phd's and medics doctors). So maybe they did the same in Scotland at some point? Who knows. It is not like Duo ever EXPLAINS anything. Leaves us in the dark to figure it all out on our own. Duo is not a very good teacher :(


Check out the notes for each module at


Check out all of the explanations here. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


This sentence only allows the vocative. But it's one word only, it might not be someone calling to the teacher, maybe it's someone telling the other students to get in place because there's a teacher coming. So wouldn't it be correct either way?


It infuriates me how this app requires "tha" in one instance and requires its absence in others using the same question format


What is the difference between "thidseir" and "thidsear"?

Second question, why do you use "a" before teacher and mother, but not professor or father?


I asked that question once before. Far as I can tell both versions are pronounced the same. Tidsear is the root form. Thidsear is lenited but not slenderized Thidseir is lenited and slenderized.

So far, all forms I've seen that call for lenition also call for slenderizing. I cannot say if this will always be so.

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