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Arabic Resources to help with Comprehension, Fluency & Pronunciation

Website: http://3asafeer.com

Why I like it?

Choice of different activities: read stories (the stories that I have checked have audio and are illustrated), listen to Arabic music, and play Arabic games

It's also differentiated because you get to choose your reading level: Beginner to proficient. You'll find that in the upper left corner (the green box is for beginners). The basic level is very basic and easy, for example: you'll get to read words like سريع و بطئ. This is fantastic because this means you get to benefit from this resource at any proficency level.

These Youtube channels' target audience is children and so the stories should be relatively not too difficult to understand.

The three channels kinda have the same stories but the narration voices and speed are different. Pick your favorite!




I hope that these resources will help you!

I'll update this post if and when I find more useful resources.

December 12, 2019



How kind of you unicornedcats.....This is awesome......The website and the youtube channels.......Thank you so much....:)


Really good links...thankyou. Arabic Blooms on Youtube is quite good too. First few stories are not done very well but the presenter does get much better. Dr Imran Alawiye is my prof for grammar on youtube ...very comprehensive and easy to understand. Thanks again. T

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