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  5. "Tha cuilean agam."

"Tha cuilean agam."

Translation:I have a puppy.

December 12, 2019



I typed the correct answer and it was marked wrong - a wee check needed?


Me too! I also just had another one "Chan eil peata agam" - "I do not have a pet" that was also marked wrong just prior to this one!


Was it a listening type excercise? There are no mistakes that I can see but that isn't to say something strange isn't happening! I have disabled the listening type challenges just in case.


I think it was a temporary internet glitch - see my comment here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35949978?from_email=comment&comment_id=35953271. This was my second error, then the one referenced in the above link and finally I got a fourth identical error. At this point I stopped suspecting DuoLingo and started suspecting my internet connection (so didn't report that one). All was well after restarting Firefox.


I typed agad instead of agam and it marked it as correct.

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