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  5. Sound doesn't work sometimes?


Sound doesn't work sometimes?

Sometimes (but not often) when I start a lesson, the sound does not work. Has anyone else experienced this? So I use 'can't listen now' and carry on. Then the sound comes back in later exercises?

Seems like a wee glitch. Just thought I'd flag it up though.

December 12, 2019



Are you using mobile data? This happens to me when I start a lesson on the train and then go through tunnels. It seems to download the sound when you get to the question, not all at once when you start the lesson


No - using a laptop and home internet.


I didn't have any issues until two or three questions in pets last night - it cut out at the beginning of the question. I flagged and reported the question, and did what you did - turned off listening for one hour.


I have also noticed a weird thing where the first word I select does not have a sound, but subsequent words do. I reported it a few times, but later it seemed that the same exact sentence was fine... so maybe not a problem with missing audio files, but just the general functioning of the app?


That's what happens to me.


Same here with the first word of each round. It will eventually play, but after a loooong time and a lot of jabbing at the screen.


Hey, worth reporting this in troubleshooting. Is contributors can’t help with bugs unfortunately. This would require duo staff looking into it. :)


Ok, will do! I assumed it was my dodgy internet until I saw the other comments. Tapadh leibh


I think the most common cause is dodgy internet / mobile data signal interruptions, but it can’t do any harm to check.

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