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"She goes to the grave and sacrifices."

Translation:Ad sepulchrum it et sacrificat.

December 12, 2019



this isn't good. what is she sacrificing and why to a grave? Duolingo needs to stop being so dark


foolish boy, you wish to learn this ancient languages, yet you wish not to unravel its dark powers. soon, you too shall sacrifice, else it is you that will be sacrificed...

-laughs in latin and disapears into the darkness


chuckles I'm in danger


She's paying respects, you nincompoop (to ARC-27-5555)


paying respects to who, the deified Julius Caeser?


What makes this sentence 'she' instead of 'he' ?


Nothing, the verbs only tell us that it is a third person singular subject. If 'he' wasnt accepted make sure everything else is correct and then report it using the flag.


Is there a reason the word order can't be "it ad sepulchral et sacrificat"?

Or is that just a combination that it hasn't learned about yet?


Did you put sepulchrum or sepulchral? The latter will definitely not be accepted.


I did it with the "m". I then copied it, pasted when the question came age, cut the "ad", and pasted it in the other position.

And then I came to paste here, but had to retype, as the ad was still in the clipboard . . .


herself? Or something else?

'She sacrifices', I don't think sacrifice can be an intransitive verb can it? It needs a direct object, even if it is herself it still needs to be 'She sacrifices herself." Or does it make sense as an intransitive verb in Latin? I thought it would need to be something like 'Ea se sacrificat' or 'Se sacrificat'.


The English is translationese for "She goes to the grave and offers sacrifice." Latin sacrificō can be used transitively ("sacrifice [a victim]") or intransitively ("offer sacrifice"). We just happen to use different phrases in English. As when comparing any two languages, there often is not a one-to-one correspondence.

There is no implication that she is offering herself as sacrifice without .

Hope that helps.


alright, thank you very much!

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