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Learning Arabic - too repetitive

I have been learning Arabic and although the app is great , from a certain stage I stopped learning and everything became too repetitive. I wish that I could continue developing with the app but I had to stop because I felt that it was not adding me anything new.

December 12, 2019



Be aware that how challenging learning a specific language is highly depends on your background. I have started to learn a bundle of quite different languages and I see, that there are big differences on how fast I can proceed - for me Arabic is new and I appreciate repetition in that case. You can skip lessons to reduce repetition.


Just limit you to level 1 if you get everything quickly. I need to go to level 5 before I can remember the words. But once I will reach the end of the tree I would welcome a new tree with additional learning material.


Hello my friend:) I'm native in Arabic and I don't have any problem if someone want to learn or chat Arabic with me, would you??


Sorry to hear that, though lemme know if you need a native speaker to practice with, I'd be happy to help


What type of spoken Arabic do you speak?


i totally disagree. im working on the alphabet and there isnt enough practice with the letters. then they throw 2 words at you and expect you to "get it".

for the romance language duo is good but for arabic, hindi and chinese its a disaster for english speakers.

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