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  5. "Tha briogais ort."

"Tha briogais ort."

Translation:You have trousers on.

December 12, 2019



Scottish if you don't mind. Pants are worn by the English under their trousers and by the Americans over their under pants. In Scotland nothing is worn under the kilt. It's all in fine working order.


American English isn't British English and so the "correct answer" is wrong in Britain. It's a bit ironic that a language app doesn't appear to care about language.


Can we call them "trousers" and not pants? Pants are what we Brits call Underpants.


I made the sentence with trousers and it was ok.


Trousers should surely be an acceptable answer?


Are "briogais" underwear or pants? Or is the same word used for both?


No, briogais are trousers NOT underpants


It isnt pants at all. Pants are underwear here in scotland so that answer is wrong.


Duolingo is an American website, and learners come from all over the world. The standard is to use American English. A wee excerpt from the Duolingo Community Guidelines:

Embrace and share regional language differences

A language can have many words, accents and ways to say the same thing. We think that’s one of the wonders of languages. Approach these conversations with an open mind and attitude.

If you would like to take a look at the Community Guidelines, they can be found here: https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines


I'm living in America. I just try to use the translation given when we get the word, then read comments to see if another word is also accepted. I think it's fascinating to learn of regional differences. In my part of America, I'd only use "trousers" for briogais" if I wanted to sound snobby or out of touch. I'd use pants, jeans, or possibly slacks. Even the nice men's stores sell suit pants, not suit trousers.


Would it be accepted by the program to translate briogais as britches? Since they sound similar that would be easier for me to remember, but I don't want to learn it wrong if that's not acceptable.

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