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  5. "My horse is small"

"My horse is small"

Translation:Farasi wangu ni mdogo

December 12, 2019



Why is "wangu"? "Farasi" is a N-name, yes? Then, the possessive should be "yangu" (sing) and "zangu" (plur). Is there anything wrong in my reasoning?


the exception to the rule is all nouns that are human, insect or animal. While these nouns are typically associated with the M- and Wa- prefixes, not all of them follow this trend e.g. doctor (daktari - madaktari), pilot (rubani-marubani), bird (ndege-ndege) etc. However, as long as they are human, insect or animal, they will take on the prefixes associated with the M/Wa noun class, in this case wangu (for both singular and plural). There are exceptions to that rule as well i.e. some family members (mama, baba, dada, kaka, shangazi, ndugu; this list may not be extensive) whose possessive is "yangu" and "zangu", and prefixes are those of the N/N noun class... it takes a bit of time to get the hang of it

some of the noun classes have been covered more in depth here


Thank you very much.

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