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  5. "Suiteas blasta."

"Suiteas blasta."

Translation:A tasty candy.

December 12, 2019



Candy is a specific type of sweet in Scotland though the sense as used in US English is of course understood the word sweet or sweetie is on the whole a better translation.


Please, please could we use a Scottish word not "candy"! I don't think there was ever an influx of US military into the Western Isles to corrupt the inhabitants with sweet offerings.


suiteas can mean sweets - not just candy - they are the same!!!


Yep, that was a mistake. It's been added.


It has NOT been added. I've tried three time to write a tasty sweetie and it will not allow anything other than a tasty candy!


They said sweet was added, not sweetie. But maybe sweetie was added later. I didn't even know it was a word until just now.


"Sweetie" will definitely be accepted here.


a tasty sweetie. I will NOT write candy. It's Scottish Gaeilic not American Gaelic - tha mi duilich!


Duolingo is an American website, and learners come from all over the world. The standard is to use American English. A wee excerpt from the Duolingo Community Guidelines:

Embrace and share regional language differences

A language can have many words, accents and ways to say the same thing. We think that’s one of the wonders of languages. Approach these conversations with an open mind and attitude.

If you would like to take a look at the Community Guidelines, they can be found here: https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines

"Sweetie" will be accepted here too.


Candy is American. is our teacher American?


No, I'm from Fort William. But Duolingo is, and standard practice is to use American English in their courses. :)


It asked you to write what he pronounced but did not put A in the pronounciation what is the A for in this phrase

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