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  5. "Is toil leam an dealbh seo."

"Is toil leam an dealbh seo."

Translation:I like this picture.

December 12, 2019



Would 'Is toil leam an dealbh sin' be 'I like that picture'?


I read in the Hints that "an" means "the" for certain words. But apparently "an" changes if you add "seo" to the end...?

For instance, instead of "I like THE picture" due to "an" being there...it changes to "I like THIS picture" simply because "seo" is present.

Kinda confusing for an English-speaker but perhaps it's just one of the quirks of Gaelic.


Is "I like this painting" incorrect? It was marked as wrong but 'painting' comes up as a meaning of dealbh


Sorry, that should have been accepted. If ever that happens again, submit a report rather than commenting and we can fix it directly in the incubator. Thank you! :)


Please HELP me here : why is THAT picture wrong and THIS picture OK - aren't these words FAIRLY interchangeable ... NEVER understood the distinction - and use them both - nobody has ever pointed that (this ?!) out AS WRONG ?!


"That picture" would be "an dealbh sin".

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