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pourquoi vous aprennez l'anglais

Moi, j'apprends l'anglais pour voyager . Racontez pourquoi apprendre l'anglais pour vous et pour faire quoi ? (pour vous entrainer, écrivez le en anglais) :P Les meilleurs textes gagneront des lingots :P

December 12, 2019

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I need English mainly for reliable news... and an access to the internet. But also to travel all around the world.
And I can't bear English (American) films dubbed in French.

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    English is very important because it's the language to learn for the understanding of foreign customers in the trade world for example, or it's essential in order to communicate with foreigners in general. Know English could be very useful if you're lost in a country and you're looking for a place, a destination. Personally, I learn English to increase my level of culture, to travel, but also to be able to speak in English easier than now as well, and I think that I've still to spend time, a lot... But I can do it XD


    Hello Everybody! I learn English for my professional career. In my country, french is our official language and English is the foreign one, but I am working in a project which is implemented by an American organization; For example, it is too hard and restrictive to discuss with someone who speaks only English or to work on the documents which are in English... So, I have decided since a few months to improve my English. And for that, I joined Duolingo...


    One day, at work I had a conversation on the phone in french with a foreign customer and she was speaking fluently. Suddenly, the customer wanted me to switch in English, because for her English is a business and money language and French is a the language of love. I was very surprised by this request but we finished our conversation in English. When I hung up, I was astonished by the behaviour of the customer and even it was several years ago I haven't forgotten this story.


    So that it's much easier to speak to friends, for if they don't know french, and i don't know English, how'll i speak to them? So i'm embarking on the l o n g and h a r d journey to learning the E n g l i s h language. Also because, whenever I read and/or watch English translated to french stuff, it always bugs me that's the words that the english people are saying don't match up to what's being said in french like; (English person mouth moves to make the word unconsistutionally) (French voice-actor says anticonstitutionnellement while the person they're dubbing for is already done talking) Yeah, i think you probably get the idea.

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