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  5. "Ego labrum impleo."

"Ego labrum impleo."

Translation:I fill the tub.

December 12, 2019

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Lābrum bathing tub, bathtub, basin, bowl, A bath, bathing place • Contraction from Lavābrum (“bathing tub”), from Lavō (“to wash, bathe”) +‎ -brum.

Labrum lip, edge, margin, brim • From PIE leb- (“to hang down”). Cognate to Labium and to English Lip.

Impleō fill, fulfill, fill up, fill full; cover, satisfy, satiate, make fat or fleshy, fill, fatten, make pregnant, impregnate, amount or fill up to, fill up, take up, (figuratively) I complete, finish, end, fulfill, execute, satisfy. • • From in- +‎ Pleō to fill, to fulfill • From Proto-Italic plēō, from PIE pleh₁- (“to fill”). Related to plēnus. • Derived terms: compleō, ēpleō, expleō, impleō, oppleō, repleō, suppleō, centuplus, decuplus, duplus, octuplus, quadruplus, sescuplus/ sesquiplus, simplus, triplus • Related terms: manipulus, plēbs, plēnus, plērus, populus

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