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Meaning of words in Latin

What is Vale and Valete in Latin? The dictionary won't recognize it.

December 12, 2019



Goodbye (to one person; to multiple people).


These words aren't on the Duo dictionary, so the dictionary wouldn't recognise them anyway.


if I remember well, "vale" is the imperative form singular of "valere" and "valete" the same at plural. so it means good morning or good bye for one or more people. If someone can confirm my explanation, it will be great. Thank you


Yes, you're right.

The basic meaning of the verb (valere) is "to be well, to fare well." It was common to express the sentiment, in letters: Si tu vales, ego valeo (If you are well, I'm well).

Yes, you're giving the "command", Be well! when you say Vale! (to one person) or Valete! (to more than one)--used in leave-taking. Salve! / Salvete! are the greeting formulae.


hello, thank you for your explanation


Salve! You're welcome; it's my pleasure.

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